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ISBN: 978-606-39-1022-7


Data aparitiei: 2022


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European Public Prosecutor's Office Regulation. Disputes. Explanations


Thorough knowledge of the legal framework in which the EPPO operates will become increasingly important for national prosecutors and law enforcement agencies, judges and, last but not least, European defence lawyers. It is thus to be welcomed that a team of Romanian legal scholars, Adrian Șandru, Mihai Morar, Dorel Herinean and Ovidiu Predescu have set out to produce an in-depth analysis of the EPPO Regulation. The excellent work produced by the team of authors first appeared in Romanian language in 2021 and their decision to also publish an English language version of their book is to be applauded. This is particularly true because the authors not only provide an extensive overview of the EPPO Regulation; a major element of their book is a thorough analysis of the intrinsic relationship between the EPPO Regulation and Romanian law, which together provide the legal framework in which the EPPO operates in Romania.

This new publication provides a thorough analysis also of this complex relationship between the EPPO Regulation on the one hand and applicable Romanian legislation on the other. The fact that the team of authors now publishes their excellent work also in English language thus offers a great opportunity for readers throughout Europe to gain insight into the overall legal framework in which the EPPO operates in Romania.

Dr. Hans-Holger Herrnfeld

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