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Probation as a Field of Study. Institution and Profession


The book of Mrs. PhD Mihaela Alida Tomita is a pleading grounded on solid and various scientifical means (criminology, penology,sociology,criminal law and criminal procedure law, criminal execution law, community law, comparative law etc.) for an alternative criminal and restaurative justice, characterized, on the one hand, by the fact that the sanction (especiallly inprisonment) is revalorized aiming the offender and the victim ( individual or society) that receive compensations, restoration, counseling, and, on the other hand, by the fact that the author of the offense – the convict – and the community he has harmed participate in order to reintegrate him in the society.

Structured in 12 chapters, the book Probation as a field of study. Institution and profession offers, along with the profound analysis of the probation institution, a systematization of the general and specific problem that delineates the research field in the criminal alternative sanctions to inprisonment area. The author selects and systematizes, with much professional competence, the most important contributions of the studied field, the entire scientific demarche being sustained by elements specific to the criminal law, including extensive references to Law no. 286/2009 regarding the Criminal Code and oriented towards the European recommendations in the field, as well as towards their assimilation in the national law.

In this way, the work of Mrs. Mihaela Alida Tomita is an important step and may constitute, through the richness of the ideas that it contains, a guide and an undeniable methodological help to all those who will follow her example.

Professor PhD Ovidiu Predescu

Probation as a Field of Study. Institution and Profession - Conducere

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